47x225mm (9×2) C24 Treated Regularised Timber @ 3.6m Lengths


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9×2 – 47x225mm C24 timber regularised for ease of handling and structural purposes. The timber will finish around 5mm under actual size due to the timber being regularised for comfortable use.

Also available in 3.0m and 4.8m lengths from stock. Other sizes may be available so please get in touch if you require longer lengths.

C16 or C24 Graded

C16 and C24 are strength grades; the higher the grade, the better the load bearing quality it has. C16 is normally the grade that is produced from faster grown UK timber. C24 is a premium product as the wood is slower grown and is also denser. Higher loads and longer spans can be achieved with the use of C24 grade timber often with a smaller cross section. The majority of grading is now performed by machines with x-ray scanning and imaging technology to ensure the timber is within grading guidelines.

Timber can also be graded visually by qualified visual timber graders who assess size, frequency and distribution, shakes, splits and slope of grain. This ensures only the pieces that meet standard limitations are accepted as a grade pass.

For more details see grading tables.

Kiln Dried

Kiln Dried timber has been heated in a controlled environment to steadily reduce the amount of water in the wood to a set moisture content level – this is usually 20% to 24%. Kiln dried timber is lighter due to this and as the wood dries it also becomes stronger.


Regularised timber has gone through a machine which rounds the edges and smooths the faces and sides of the piece. This operation uniforms the finished size which will usually be 5mm less than stated on both the face and width.

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Dimensions 360 × 22.5 × 5 cm