Knauf Aquapanel Interior 2400x900x12.5mm Lite


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Knauf Aquapanel Interior Cement Board is an extremely durable tile backer providing peace of mind in wet indoor areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms.

Resistant to mould and mildew, Knauf Aquapanel Interior will not deteriorate in water. It retains its strength even if fully immersed.

A purpose designed tile backing board, Knauf Aquapanel Interior solves the problems experienced when traditional backing materials get wet. So no more costly call backs to replace rotten or damaged boards.

Knauf Aquapanel Interior screws ensure a quick and easy installation with no special tools required. Knauf Aquapanel Interior is ready keyed to take tiles up to 50 kg/m2 as soon as the boards are installed.

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Weight 16.2 kg
Dimensions 240 × 90 × 1.25 cm